B100P: Pro Black G10 Offshore System

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Our Generation 2 B100P Offshore System Pro features handles made from carefully chosen slabs of black composite G10.   This man made material is impervious to the elements and it is the strongest handle for a knife intended for use at sea.  The black G10 is an excellent base for the sailor’s  own scrimshaw using white India ink.  This knife thoughtfully links heritage with the most modern components. The black handle is  the model most often chosen by professional navy, sailors, and commercial seamen.   The Pro-grade German Marine stainless that we use is comparable to 440C for hardness and edge-holding properties with additional anti-oxidation elements added for the final crafting of our knives.   Extreme strength and moderate weight.   This modern upgrade features thicker steel, lighter overall weight, improved shackle slot and lanyard attachment.  The Classic Sheepsfoot blade design is a modern version of the classic knives used by seamen for centuries.  It includes our heavy leather sheath, knife, and Myerchin Marlinspike.

This knife features a 3/4 Serrated Blade.

Warranty: Limited Lifetime (Original Owner).  See our Warranty Page for full warranty information.

Model: B100P  Black G10 Offshore System Pro

Length: 8.5″

Blade Length: 3.8”, s.s.

Weight:  6.6 oz.

Spike Length:  6.65”

Spike Weight:  2.5 oz. s.s.

Serial Number:  Yes


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