C300GM MYERCHIN Tactical Pen Grey

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MYERCHIN TACTICAL PENS are the miultitools for the busy traveler These lightweight HiTec Pens incorporate the handy tools used on a daily basis. They also discretely provide the emergency tools that may be needed only once in a lifetime.  This is a carefully thought out tool that provides peace of mind wherever you find yourself.

Crafted from aircraft aluminum, finely machined and tooled. these pens are the product of painstaking engineering.  The result is a highly utilitarian tool that is both beautiful and powerful.  They are available in Tactical Black or Gun Metal Grey.  Each MYERCHIN Tactical Pen includes the following tools:

•  A “butter smooth” writing instrument with an additional refill for years of writing.

•  A handy interchangeable blade (or utility tool) for opening irritating plastic packaging or for personal defense.  For travel, the blade can be replaced with the utility tool.

•  Carbide tip for emergency car window breaking or for personal defense.

•  A powerful led light (with extra replacement batteries) for long lasting emergency light.


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