CL200S, Pewter Tone Belt Buckle

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These heavy duty “Tested at Sea” Belt Buckles are hand crafted in the USA from corrosion proof zinc alloy. The CL200S is finished in antique pewter.  We didn’t want to skimp on the weight, size or feel of these full-relief buckles.  Each one measures a full 3.5 inches wide and weighs a hefty 3.4 ounces.  These hearty buckles tell the story that the wearer has been “Tested at Sea”, the harshest environment on earth.  Each buckle comes with a gift box and the backs are a great place to engrave your information about your time at sea.  Fits all standard “snap” belts up to 1 5/8″

Belt Buckle design, Whale Logo, “Tested at Sea” ©2013 Myerchin, Inc.


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